The Czech company won „Oscar“ in Flexography

15.4.2013 Skupina s oceneni

The “flexography highest honor” is the prestigious Excellence in Flexography Awards presented annually by the American Association FTA (Flexographic Technical Association) and it is globally considered to be an „Oscar" in Flexography.
This has been the 53rd Annual Flexography Awards and the main prize won the Czech company “PANFLEX”, which also won other prestigious „Best of Show" Award.

Within the Flexography Awards Competition there have been announced 9 categories, where the jury has assessed the the entries on the color and graphic alignment and the print quality of packaging on different substrates. PANFLEX won the “Excellence in Flexography 2013” in category “direct print corrugated cardboard pre-press process” for company Samsung.

The second obtained award „Best of Show" is awarded to only those winner of the “Excellence in Flexography”, who showed to the jury some exceptional flexographic solution across all categories. The award-winnig is for the company PANFLEX a great success, as hereby they move their bussines among the world leaders in the flexography and graphic art process.

The Executive Head of PANFLEX Mr. Zdenek Ungrad said to this occasion: „As I attend in 1999 the first time the FTA Annual Conference I was very impressed how huge theme area has been coverd and about the professionality of the organizational team. I did not even dream PANFLEX will have the opportunity to take over from the hands of the jury such a prestigious awards. It's very motivating for our further bussines, and I am greatly pleased, that our team of excellent experts reached after a number ofvarious European achievements (Grand Prix Cyrel, DFTA Award ...) now has the pleasure to get the highest honour in this field. It is importat to me highlight the partnership with the printers and their customers as without them we would not be able to complete such a demanding project. In this case big thanks to companies Duropack Turpak and their customers from Samsung Galant, who were not afraid to realize its challenging case for multi-colored LED TV using Flexo only. "

In occacion of FTA Annual Conference and the FTA INFO * FLEX Exhibition in San Diego, the Winning-Award has been handed over to PANFLEX representatives during the Awards Ceremony on Sunday, April 28, 2013.

Flexograhic Technical Association (FTA) was established in 1958 to contribute to the development of Flexo printing industry. The aim was to associate the professionals of Flexo printing industry not only from USA but also from another countries. Today, FTA boasts 1,300 member companies and over 50,000 individual members in its networking community. They representing the complex supplier chain for Flexography starting with manufacturers of flexographic printing forms, printers and suppliers of consumables to companies involved in graphic design, print procurement authority, consultants, professors and students. FTA is publishing and FLEXO magazine, annually organizes trade fairs INFO * FLEX and annual conferences, and its members and other interested parties providing technical and educational services.

PANFLEX Company, established in 1991 is based in Statenice near Prague is a leading supplier of flexographic printing forms and provider of prepress service, they are also a distributor of materials and equipment for flexographic printing industry. The company has four branches and operates not only on the Czech market area, but also througt the affiliated companies in the Slovak Republic and Bulgaria. Other successful activities they have in cooperation with partners in Germany, Austria, Poland and Hungary. The basis for this successful business is 22 years of market experience and a great knowledge of Flexography, accurate featured by business motto „Two Steps Ahead".


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