PANFLEX can help find solutions to any problem encountered during all stages of printing: from prepress, plate-making and printing itself. We don’t rely on luck for our solutions; our recommendations are based directly on the specific condition of your equipment and operation.

PANFLEX is able to offer a high quality service, primarily due to a high technical expertise gained from the active support of our suppliers – all world leaders in their respective field. Regular contact with our partners allows us to keep in touch with the very latest technical developments throughout the printing industry.

At PANFLEX, we pride ourselves on being uniquely placed to follow worldwide market trends, with the knowledge and understanding to help our customers grow and develop and to protect future investment.

Some typical tasks that PANFLEX routinely deal with, in cooperation with our partners, include:

  • Management of quality and repeatability of the printing processes
  • reduction in consumption of materials
  • improvement in printing speed
  • reduction of down time of printing presses

Do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiry.


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