Do you know, what is HEF?

14.12.2010 HEF logo

High End Flexo (HEF) is a new complex technology, which consists of sequences of concrete activities leading to a predictable and repeatable printing such as optimalization and standardization of the press, including tests, proofs, printing support and printing forms production.

HEF is packaging printing system using flexography of the highest quality (often better than gravure or offset).

-    includes printing of flexible packaging, labels and other materials,
-    allows you to make the most of existing machinery,
-    assists in the optimalization and standardization of the press,
-    reduces the number of inks and printing forms,
-    reduces the amount printed material, which is necessary for the adjustment of the printing machine,
-    ensures printing with high contrast,
-    minimizes the typical problems of flexography (such as large dot gain, loss of details in highlights, solid colours devoid the intensity etc.),
-    enables higher printing speed and less frequent cleaning of the printing form, which means lower risk of damage during the cleaning.


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