Become a member of the PANFLEX team

PANFLEX offer a unique opportunity to develop your career. Do you want to grow professionally, are you open to new ideas, are you ready to work on yourself? Take hold of your opportunity and become a member of the PANFLEX team.
Work individually on your own career and utilize your potential, and this will give you the best conditions.

Values and Vision

Why do we use the motto „PANFLEX – Two Steps Ahead“? Simply, it expresses our vision, our efforts to maintain our position among the European elite in the package printing industry. The key to our success is a top-level team which shares the company vision and works together to transform the vision into reality.
The people who work at PANFLEX are not simply employees. They are truly colleagues, co-workers. This really sums up our attitude – everyone pitches in equally to make the whole company successful.

Our Approach to Our People

It’s simple. Practical, sensible and honest people get an opportunity to develop themselves, both professionally and personally.
We give you open access to new positions. At PANFLEX, positions are not simply filled, but people are sought who will be able to fit in and work as a team.
Listen, encourage, understand needs, appreciate ambition, ability and initiative – this is the philosophy behind the PANFLEX approach to its people.

Evaluating and remunerating staff

Salaries are made up of a base component and a variable component, which is based on your work. Quality and flawlessly executed work results in attractive remuneration. And you always know what is expected of you; criteria and conditions are clearly laid out beforehand.

What other benefits can you look forward to?

  • One extra week of holiday
  • Contributions to a retirement savings plan
  • The opportunity to study a foreign language in the company
  • Unlimited water and soft drinks provided free
  • Subsidized lunch vouchers
  • Company subsidized hot drinks
  • Meals can be taken in the vicinity of the company
  • Gifts for significant personal occasions

PANFLEX also expend considerable financial resources on various cultural, social and sporting events for its staff and their families.


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